Save Manweb Playing Field

with kind permission of Mrs Alan Bickley

A large group of local residents, who live around the former Manweb playing field has been attempting, for over 2 years, to find out what the new owners intend to do with the site. It has now become apparent that the owners plan to develop the land for housing – this is something we vehemently oppose.

Developer Tactics

There are examples around Liverpool and Knowsley where developers have intimated, as these have, that the development/sale of a portion of the land for housing will allow for improved sports facilities; the truth is, the vast majority of the land is developed for housing with little or no land remaining for sports and recreation.

Community Spirit

As a community we cannot allow this to happen, we have to join together to ensure this small but important piece of historic green space (as designated by Liverpool City Council in the UDP) is protected for future generations, not sold off for a massive profit.

The Campaign

Some local residents met recently to discuss the consultation meeting held by developers at the former clubhouse. It was agreed unanimously that we will begin a high profile campaign against any development and develop an alternative plan by the community and for the community.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Diane Rourke

    I am totally against the proposals the current leaseholders have.
    I want the community to have the chance to bring this important area back to life and use it for the benefit of the local residents and community.
    I want the owners, Liverpool City Council to work with us and the community and not loose this valuable historic green space
    “one house is too many”

  2. Jim Martin

    Indian Proverb:
    “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand”.

    I would urge everyone to get involved and understand that these proposals have potentially far reaching consequences for the whole area. Increased traffic up until 10pm, intrusive light pollution up until 10pm, reduction in house prices – would you want to live near a commercial floodlit five – a – side centre, increased noise, loss of valuable green space, loss of valuable social and recreational facilities.


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