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85% Housing Development – No Thanks!

We’ve attached our first PDF newsletter with an update on the latest happenings. The developers have come back with another proposal which appears to be a property development for at least 85% of the playing fields with no provision for sport or leisure activities. In one to one interviews with residents they have also made a number of claims which are simply not true. Read attached to find out more and see our own community led proposal to redevelop the fields and restore them as a sporting and leisure facility for the community.

Download OBWRA Newsletter September 2013 – (PDF) 

The Big Lunch

On Saturday the 29th June a Big Lunch was held at Manweb Playing fields and the whole community got together to have a picnic IN THE SUN! It was great to see neighbours in the field having a chat and the kids had great fun too. Activities included face painting, making masks and boot camp for kids. I don’t think the children realised what they were letting themselves in for but I can assure you they slept well that night. The picnic was attended by Luciana Berger, MP for Wavertree, JakeMorris Councillor for Wavertree, Helen Casstles Councillor for Wavertree  and Richard Kemp leader of the Lib Dems in Liverpool.

Photos here.